Saturday, November 25, 2000

salutations. first day here. not too bad.
went to the storage place. found my guitar from when i was 15.
it's practically a plastic guitar. it is from Best. Which is a store
that's on the east coast...I have been meaning to clean out my storage
since August...and well. It's past then. I have to get a license for my car...
and...well. I've barely tried there. I've eaten two packages of fake corn dogs
from morning star (you should try it, if you can find it...)

my leg went numb. i think it's saturday? shit. i have to call Elizabeth.

lately, i've been typing strangers. that's been interesting. as a further distraction
from my everyday world I try and engage others.

It can be sad I say.

I also pulled out my typewriter...this is what I bought before I bought my computer.
1995. That was the year it was bought.

Such a very good year ay?

Now, I don't play the guitar.

Or let's say...i play it...but with no know how.

So. Hands sore. Slow circulation. I am fine.

Mum went to a movie.

Typed Patrick.

Didn't call other friends back.

It has been okay so far.

I am cleaning up this place I have been staying in, today is my last day here.